A Note of Thanks from the Chief

Scouting family,

From our youngest Lions to our veteran alumni, you are cleaning up parks, mentoring, and even saving lives.  I am eager to share a few stories reflecting your tremendous positive impact across our nation in 2018.  To all of our volunteers, families, supporters and alumni, I thank you. You are growing leaders, serving families and helping your communities.  You are the heart of Scouting.   

We are once again at a historic milestone in Scouting, and you have played a vital role.  In 2018, you welcomed over 400,000  new families into your Cub Scout packs. To add to the excitement, over 77,000 of these families were able to introduce Scouting to their daughters!   Everywhere I go, I hear amazing stories about you, our volunteers, parents and youth members, and the positive impact you have on your communities. 

I thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you have extended to all of our new members.  I could not be more excited for what this means for our movement and for the next generation of leaders in our nation!  Because of you,  2018 was a historic success.  

Yours in Scouting,

Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America


© Boy Scouts of America

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