As a Scouting volunteer,  you are a living example to your Scouts showing the importance of giving back.  Kids notice everything we do and don’t do. Every time you put on your uniform and lead a hike, clean up a river, or collect canned food, you are showing them the importance of serving others- connecting them to their communities.

BECAUSE OF YOU…kids explore their potential.


of Scouts BSA members say they have the opportunity to be a leader in their troop.

– 2018 Voice of Scout Survey

You teach them how to lead and serve. 

How Do You Grow A Leader

“I’m not sure how close I am to earning my next rank. I want a fast and easy way to see what I need to do next.” – Hal Klowsami

We heard you. The Scouting app launched in 2018. Now you and your parents can see your progress from Lion to Eagle in the palm of your hand – including camping nights, community service hours and hiking miles!

Check out the Scouting app here

“Great thing to use, easy to navigate and is made for you and your advancement in Scouting.” 

– J. Herndon Scouts BSA, Grand Canyon Council

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